Dual-Track Jewish Studies Program

Mitkadmim Track
Mitkadmim Jewish studies and Hebrew program reflects the diversity of the community we serve. It has equal elements of Jewish culture, Hebrew with a flavor of Israel, and Jewish practice. Its ambition is to reflect and respect the diverse population of Jewish Kansas City.

The original Jewish Studies program at HBHA, Mitkadmim is designed to serve the educational needs of both liberal and traditional Jews who reflect diverse practices within the home. Mitkadmim teachers are sensitive to the challenge of informing students while remaining supportive of the ways in which Judaism is practiced in the home.

Hebrew language and Jewish customs are given equal weight, but Jewish customs are presented to inform the student of the beauty of Jewish tradition without implying that they are required to practice them at home. As a result there is much less emphasis on the details of Jewish law. Rather, students will be exposed to the wonderful traditions of prayer and practice at school.
Mitkadmim uses the TaL AM curriculum, which emphasizes Hebrew language, Jewish literacy and celebrations of the Jewish year.

Matmidim Track
Matmidim, also known as the “blue group” in the classroom, was created for families who specifically desire a day school education that is taught according to Orthodox norms. With its continued expansion, grades K-5 will be served by the Matmidim Program for the the 2014-2015 academic year.

The Matmidim Program, like the rest of HBHA, uses the TaL AM curriculum, which emphasizes Hebrew language, Jewish literacy and celebrations of the Jewish year. It differs in that its focus on Jewish observance for holidays, Shabbat, and Kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) is through the lens of Orthodox ritual observance with the expectation that this mode of education more closely reflects the observance in the student’s own home. Matmidim teachers are all observant, according to the standards of Orthodox practice. As the grades advance, the curriculum also incorporates additional content and skills-based instruction in traditional Jewish texts (Chumash, Mishna).

The program is open to any student who wishes to experience this approach. When choosing to select the Matmidim Program for your child, please note that there are two types of students for whom this program is designed: those who come from halachically observant families, or those whose families are open to enhancing their knowledge base and practice of traditional Jewish ritual.  Those who participate in the program will be encouraged to practice in accordance with the laws as interpreted by Orthodox Judaism.   

The Matmidim Program comprises separate Jewish Studies and Hebrew classes, as well as Tefilah (prayers). It is important to note that students in the Matmidim Program receive instruction separately from their peers only during Jewish studies. They are grouped by learning level for all general studies instruction (as scheduling allows), and participate in all communal celebrations, trips, specials, recess, and lunch together with their grade-level peers.