Matmidim Program

The Matmidim Program is geared towards the Orthodox community to provide rigorous Judaic Studies within a peer group that values and celebrates religious observance.  The program emphasizes Torah textual skills, Parsha and Dinim and modern Hebrew fluency.  Its religious zionist orientation places it comfortably within the framework of HBHA.  The program is administered by the Judaics Head of HBHA with the Rabbi of BIAV as its religious advisor.  Students are fully served by the general studies and extracurricular activities of HBHA and participate in communal celebrations. 
The Matmidim Program aims to serve the needs of the Orthodox community  and be an avenue for community growth, as we add a grade each year.  The core Judaic curriculum for the program is TalAm, the version that is used in  Orthodox day schools throughout the country.  The curriculum strives to integrate modern Hebrew language with Jewish studies. This core curriculum  is supplemented by the teacher with Parsha, Brachot, and Dinim.
This unique program is the product of a strong relationship between the Orthodox and general Jewish communities and it provides for Excellence in Education for Judaic and General Studies.