Tuition & Assistance

The low tuition at Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy is closely linked to the Academy Access Program, an imaginative approach to school funding and family involvement. The Access Program was instituted to reduce the high cost of living Jewishly, empower HBHA families to increase their tzedakah (charitable giving), and dramatically reshape how we fund the school.
Access has enabled the school to meet expenses through a combination of generous community funding, tuition, and parents’, family members’ and friends’ voluntary contributions. We thank parents and community donors for helping us establish the Access Program. While tuition has decreased, our cost to provide this top-quality education (currently $17,000 per-child, per year) continues to rise. As a result of the community’s vision and ongoing generosity, tuition for the 2016-17 school year remains lower than other independent, private schools. As always, financial assistance is available.
Tuition is determined in December by the HBHA Board of Trustees for the following school year.  
Tuition for 2016-17: 
Kindergarten-Grade 12: $9,300
 Book Fees for 2016-17:
  Kindergarten: $175
  Grades 1-5: $200
  Grades 6-8: $325
  Grades 9-12: $440
Other Fees for 2016-17:  
  PTO (per family): $25  
  Yearbook (per family): $40   
  Activity Fee (per student): $115
  Technology fee (per student): $25


First payment for tuition for 2016 - 2017 will be required by the first day of school, 8/18/16.
Payment Discount Program:
  •  Payment in Full by 7/15/16                                                   3% Tuition Discount*
  •  Payment of 50% by 7/15/16 & 50% by 11/30/16                    1.5% Tuition Discount*
  •  Payment over ten monthly payments                                     No Tuition Discount
*To receive discount, tuition payment must be by check
Payment Information:
  •  Minimum payment per child is $1,500
  •  Finance charges of 1% per month, based on the total amount billed may be added for late payments  
The Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy is committed to educate all Jewish children whose families wish to give them the gift of excellent general and Jewish academics at HBHA. We know that the decision to give your child a Jewish day school education is an important and costly one. HBHA’s tuition and fees cover only a portion of what it costs to educate each child ($17,000 per child, per year); yet even our greatly reduced tuition can be a stretch for some families. We welcome and encourage families for whom full tuition is out of reach to apply for financial assistance.
HBHA's Financial Assistance Committee is headed by an individual who is not an HBHA parent. The process is confidential, with applications being coded to preserve applicants’ anonymity.
Applying for financial assistance requires the following steps:
  • Complete and submit to HBHA the appropriate financial assistance application located on the upper right of this page.
  • Complete and submit your FACTS Financial Aid form. Click here to begin submitting your financial statements.
  • Submit to HBHA a copy of your 2014 federal income tax return by 2/1/16, and your 2015 federal income tax return by 4/30/16.
Please contact HBHA’s Chief Financial Officer, with any questions related to Financial Assistance at or 913-327-8153.
Morris Fingersh Scholarship Fund
Additional financial assistance is available to HBHA students through the Morris Fingersh Scholarship Fund. Requests for applications must be sent in writing to Kehilath Israel Synagogue, Attn: Mary Lea Greenwood, 10501 Conser, Overland Park, KS 66212. These requests will be accepted from March 15 to April 15.