Conscious Discipline

Our Lower School classrooms have adopted a classroom management program called Conscious Discipline. This program is based on current brain research, child development information and effective educational practices.  Conscious Discipline uses everyday life events to teach self-control, conflict resolution, character development, social skills and appropriate peer interactions.

There are seven basic skills in Conscious Discipline and additional information is included in the links to the right.  This program also makes a paradigm shift from traditional reward and punishment discipline, to a relationship-based, community model.  This model relies on cultivating higher–order thinking skills which allow children to create solutions and be accountable for their own behavior.  Conscious Discipline empowers both children and adults to respond, rather than react, to life events. 

Conscious Discipline helps guide teachers, administrators and parents through a specific process of promoting positive behavior change.  For additional information, visit the Conscious Discipline website at