HBHA Athletics

Welcome to the home of the HBHA Rams - Go Rams!
HBHA currently offers the following sports by season:
Boys & Girls Basketball (Grades 5-8) Winter
Boys & Girls High School Basketball (Grades 9-12) Winter
Boys Varsity Soccer (Grades 9-12) Fall
Girls Varsity Soccer  (Grades 9-12) Spring
Middle School Boys Soccer (Grades 5-8) Fall
Middle School Girls Soccer (Grades 5-8) Spring
Boys & Girls Cross Country (Grades 5-12) Fall
Girls Tennis (Grades 5-12) Fall
Boys Tennis (Grades 5-12) Spring
HBHA follows the NAIA Champions of Character initiative where at the end of the season, one high school student will be chosen as a Champion of Character. This student athlete will join other Champion of Character athletes from around the Kansas City area at the NAIA National Basketball Tournament held at downtown Municipal Auditorium for an award ceremony.
These are five core values that are implemented into our student athletes, parents and coaches, including:
*Integrity- Positive internal traits that guide behavior
*Respect- Treating others the way you want to be treated
*Responsibility- The social force that binds the individual to the good of the team
*Sportsmanship- Following the rules, spirit and etiquette of athletic competition
*Servant Leadership- Serving the greater good
Our middle school teams play in the Metropolitan Private School League which consists of private schools from around the Kansas City metro area. To find out more information on the league including game directions, schedules and FAQ, please visit the league website atTBA...
At the High School level, our teams compete in the Great Plains Athletic Conference. Schedules are formed against teams within our league as well as against other public and private schools in the Kansas City area.
Varsity soccer teams can have games range from 8-12 in a regular season, while Basketball will play more games as it is a longer season.
Varsity basketball teams also get to participate in Jewish High School Tournaments once a year outside of the Kansas City area. Locations have included Boston, Houston, Baltimore, and New York City. Tournament locations vary year to year.
For more information regarding HBHA Athletics contact Austin Benton, Athletic Director, at 913-327-8162 or abenton@hbha.edu.