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A Time of Self Reflection

March 09, 2020
By Adam Tilove

This week we had the honor to host the ISACS visiting team - a group of experienced teachers, administrators and board members from independent schools from all over the Midwest. Their visit was the hands-on review portion of ISACS' standard accreditation process. Their goal: To examine every aspect of our school - from the physical plant, to the curriculum, to the admissions policy, to board governance. All of this with the purpose of providing HBHA with commendations and recommendations that will help us further our mission, and remain an accredited institution of learning. 

I am thrilled to say that their visit was a resounding success. The visiting team was taken by our close ‘family’ atmosphere, by our experienced and deeply committed faculty, and by our devoutly committed community.  It was both exciting and affirming to see a team of people from disparate schools confirm what we already know: that HBHA is a warm, caring, and academically challenging environment. 

Of course, there were some meaningful recommendations as part of the team's feedback. Schools are always growing and changing, and as such, we have much to do to ensure we are doing the hard work required to grow and change in the right way...and at the right pace. In the words of Rabbi Bob Dylan, “Those not busy being born are busy dying.”  We - as a community and as a school - are very busy being born! 

On a personal note, I feel very grateful that we were able to go through this ISACS process this year.  It highlights HBHA’s amazing strengths while helping us guide our way to continued academic excellence and financial sustainability. I am incredibly grateful to find myself in the presence of such committed, thoughtful, experienced educators and administrators, and in the midst of such a warm, kind and generous community.