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Connecting with the Rhythms of Judaism

October 04, 2019
By Adam Tilove

The school is totally a-buzz with holiday preparations. It is an underappreciated fact of life in a Jewish day school that we live according to the Jewish calendar. Our rhythms are different that the rhythms of the average American life: We live by the moon, not by the sun. Our periods of reflecting and rejoicing are mandated by a different set of laws - laws laid out millennia ago, but carefully repeated in a slightly different way, every year since.

While nations have come and gone, and our people have spread across the globe - with different climates, time zones, and governments - we all share a similar connection to time. Simply by taking different days off, we connect to our ancestors, our texts, nature and to G-d in a profound way. 

I hope you enjoyed this short week of school, just as our ancestors appreciated their short weeks, so many centuries before us. It is a good thing.

Shabbat Shalom,
Adam Tilove