Employment Opportunities

School Counselor                               2019-2020 (FT)
This role works closely with administrators and teachers to support social and emotional needs of students in grades K-12. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide confidential short-term individual and group counseling services to students struggling with academic, developmental, emotional, and/or behavioral issues
  • Provide brief counseling to parents in need of guidance and support
  • Consult with parents and outside service provider(s) to better support students
  • Provide resources to families, teachers, and administration on the development of the whole child
  • Participate on the Student Services team to assist teachers to best support all students
  • Provide staff training to support and assist with behavior management, emotional regulation, and general well-being
  • Work in classrooms, small groups, and with individual students in the areas of friendships, social skills, conflict resolution, self-control, impulse control, anger management, communication, personal safety, coping skills, grief and loss support.
  • Collaboratively develop intervention plans and recommend strategies together with the teaching teams.
  • Plan and facilitate social-emotional and mental health programming school-wide.
  • Communicate with families about initiative and pertinent issues affecting the community
  • Plan and deliver crisis intervention when needed
  • Maintain and uphold confidentiality with student and family interactions

A master’s degree or higher in School Counseling or Social Work preferred.  Direct experience within a school environment and/or working with children of all ages recommended.  

Part-Time Learning Specialist - Lower and Middle School                     2019-2020
The part-time learning specialist works collaboratively with the Student Services Coordinator and Middle School Learning Specialist to provide academic support to Lower and Middle School students.
Bachelor’s Degree in Education and an emphasis in Special Education preferred
Experience working with and differentiating work for students
20-25 hours/week
The part-time learning specialist will:
  • Work with students, K-8, teachers, support staff to create strategies to promotes individualized academic success
  • Implements intervention and remediation for teachers and students
  • Provide strategies for students to enhance their executive functioning
  • Communicate regularly with parents and teachers, regarding student progress
  • Administer DIBELS testing in the Lower School
  • Establish positive relationships between administration, school psychologist, teaching team, students and parent to ensure a collaborative environment
Assist teachers in the identification of students who may need intervention

Lower School Teacher’s Aide                                     2019-2020
  • Help organize classroom and grade materials
  • Assist teachers in carrying out lessons
  • Supervise students on field trips, lunch, and recess
  • Assist students who require additional time to complete assignments
  • Work with children in the classroom to promote learning and development
  • Understand the teacher’s routine in order to help facilitate instruction and enhance the flow of the lesson
  • Creatively display student work on bulletin boards
  • Proactively communicate with faculty, staff, and administration
  • Effectively manage time in order to transition easily between the classrooms

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