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Share the Love

December 20, 2019
By Adam Tilove

Do you ever read Yelp reviews before you choose a restaurant? 
Do you pore over Amazon reviews before you purchase an item?
Do you take into account the number of reviews and their quality?

I do, and I bet you do too. This is just the way of the world today: We look to others to tell us if we are making the right decision. If that’s true when we are buying a new kitchen appliance, or a new gym, how much more so when we are facing something as complicated and emotional as choosing our children’s school? 

I am writing because our reviews online are sparse and outdated. We need your help writing reviews of HBHA: Please post your reviews on FacebookGoogleGreatSchools, and Niche. Potential parents are looking us up every day, and seeing - well - seeing very little. Our Google and Facebook reviews are not only years old, many of them have only a star rating with no comments.

Now, I know many of you love HBHA. And here at HBHA, we love and cherish your children, working diligently to support them and challenge them each day. We even have two tracks of Jewish Studies to support every student. 

We love you and you love us…so why not share the love?

Please, take the time to write a beautiful, positive, thoughtful review and post it all over the internet. Remember, there is a family just like yours wondering if this school is the right place for their family. Whether you are Reform or Orthodox, live in KCMO or Olathe, have children who are struggling learners or gifted learners - there is someone out there who needs to hear from you. Your voice makes us who we are.

Thank you, and I wish you all a lovely break with your families. May you have a happy and healthy Hanukkah and a fantastic 2020.