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Welcome Back!

April 24, 2020
By Adam Tilove

Welcome back! I hope Passover was relaxing and meaningful, and that this back-to-school week was as smooth and engaging as possible.  

We are working hard to keep our level of instruction high. We are thinking about ways to keep our kids engaged in learning - and with each other. Community is always important, yet never more important than now, while we are feeling isolated from our friends and family. So we - as a school - are constantly finding and implementing ways to help our kids and families stay engaged.

I am proud to say it: I think we are doing an excellent job. Just this week, Dr. Reem did science experiments at home with his 3rd grade students. Mr. Thomas' 1st graders and Mrs. Franks' 5th graders enjoyed virtual field trips via Zoom. Our 2nd graders are busily (and excitedly) preparing for Mrs. Cowan's famous Poetry Cafe. At the same time, those 2nd graders are feeling the love from Morah Michal Luger, who sent a snail mail letter to each student, as well as supplies so they could write a letter to one of their classmates. Morah Tami Sal is holding cooking classes - all in Hebrew - with Upper School students. Seniors are preparing funny and inspirational videos each morning to psyche each other up for school (links below).

While we are all very eager and excited to get back together in person, the entire community has pulled together to make lemonade out of lemons!

That said, not everything is perfect all the time. Sometimes they are just good. And sometimes they don’t work out at all. Sometimes, dare I say it, we might fail!  But one of the principles of any firm specializing in design and innovation is to “Fail Fast Forward.” We are experimenting, listening, adapting, modifying, and implementing new ideas every day. It is exhausting and tireless work that our teachers and administrators are engaged in - yet it is our passion. We are here to teach, and we will never lose sight of the importance and holiness of our goals for our students.

The future is uncertain. We don’t know if we will be in school in August, at home, or some combination. What we do know is that we will be your partners in learning, growing, and adapting every day.