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Distance Learning: Grades K-5

What does HBHA's Cyclical Learning Model look like?
During the first quarter of school in 2020-21, Lower School students (grades K-5) will participate in a modified Cyclical Learning Model, beginning with alternating weeks of in-person and distance learning, then shifting to an all in-person learning model (click here for 1st quarter schedule). 

During distance learning, students will need access to their computer or technology device as instructed by their teaching teams. Students should also have a reliable power supply as Zoom and other video meetings use significantly more battery than regular web applications.

Please use the links and FAQs below for answers to questions, as well as access to Lower School distance learning materials, schedules, attendance expectations, and assignments. 

More detailed information will come out by individual grade level from your student's teaching team. Please see the What does distance learning look like? drop-down section below for additional information.

Tips for Distance Learning Success
Lower School Contact Information

Access to grade-specific distance learning curricula (links below):

Kindergarten Classroom Site
1st Grade Classroom Site
2nd Grade Classroom Site
3rd Grade Classroom Site
4th Grade Classroom Site
5th Grade Classroom Site

If technology issues arise during the school day, students/parents will be able to submit a support ticket/email here.  

Additional Questions/FAQs

If you are having difficulty accessing Google Classrooms, click on the Device Quick Start Guide for an easy-to-follow written tutorial, or select your grade-level distance learning class site, above.

If technology issues arise during the school day, students/parents will be able to submit a support ticket/email here.  

Students in grades K-5 will have a variety of age-appropriate activities each week to continue the fostering of skills and content knowledge across the curriculum. While our intention is to provide a majority of activities that can be self-guided, some activities will require parental supervision for some ages. 

We encourage establishing a routine for your child each day to build consistency and intention for the times that they will be expected to be working on school related activities. The more a student's home routine reflects what happens in school, the more successful the results. View Tips for Success/Sample Schedule here.

Lessons and activities can be accessed in your student's Google Classroom (see grade-level links above). Emails with instructions and work expectations will be clearly and frequently communicated by the classroom teacher. 

Recommended active learning time is as follows:

  • K-2 students: Roughly 2 hours of learning and activities per day
  • 3-5 students: Roughly 3 hours of learning and activities per day

For more information, view a Sample Schedule here

Students in grades K-5 will be asked to read daily from books already at home or checked out from the public library.  Books may be checked out electronically via area public libraries:

In addition to sending regular communications about learning activities and assignments, teachers will respond to emails and provide feedback on any work submitted digitally within the same expected time frames (24-hour rule).

Just as the grade-level teams will contact you with distance learning activities, LAUNCH teacher, Vickie Sisco, Lower School Student Services Director, Wendy Snitz, (General Studies resource), and Shira Zigler and Eran Reem (Hebrew language resource) will be in regular communications with students/families on their rosters.  If you or your child has questions about either of these programs, we encourage you to reach out directly to the teachers.

School Psychologist, Mrs. Whelan, will hold virtual office hours (days/times to come) and will meet one-on-one as needed for HBHA students in all grades. 

Just as with in-person learning, Lower School students are expected to be in the virtual classroom at the expected times. If your student is unable to be in attendance, please email your teaching team, and Ms. Carol to let them know.