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Distance Learning: Grades 9-12



What does HBHA's Cyclical Learning Model look like?
During the first quarter of school in 2020-21, Upper School students (grades 9-12) will participate in the Cyclical Learning Model, with alternating weeks of in-person and distance learning. Just as with in-person learning, students will attend their regularly scheduled block classes at the time they normally occur. Students will need access to their BYOD device for many of these classes, and should also have a reliable power supply as Zoom and other video meetings use significantly more battery than regular web applications.

Please use the link and FAQs below for answers to questions, as well as access to Upper School distance learning materials, schedules, attendance expectations, and assignments.  

Upper School Distance Learning Classrooms Here

Additional Information/FAQs

School hours will mirror our normal schedule, 7:55am-3:40pm M-Th and 7:55am-2:50pm. Class meetings will take place during the time they would normally meet at HBHA, so students will have eight classes on Monday, and then four even/odd block classes on Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri. Students should be ready to engage either online or independently throughout the school day.  Teachers will communicate directly with students as to specific meeting times for the week.

Although many classes will have live meetings during these class times, careful attention has been taken by teachers to avoid long stretches of screen time as the only method of student engagement and learning. If a student will be absent for any reason, their parents must contact Mrs. Bratt as soon as possible so that she can record this information into our database and share it out with individual teachers. Students should also email their teachers if they miss a session to find out what they need to do to make up missed learning and/or assignments/assessments. 

Students are expected to create free Zoom video conferencing accounts so they can seamlessly join distance learning lessons and discussions. 

Teachers have already begun sending out class information via email, and students should also check and respond as needed to email communication from their teachers.

If you are having any difficulty accessing Google Classrooms or a distance learning class session, please contact the following to help troubleshoot technology and communication issues should they arise:

All distance learning materials should have been picked up during HBHA orientation. Additional supplies will be included in the HBHA Upper School Classroom outlines for each grade level (see grade-level links above), which includes information and links for all courses.

Access to the building during distance learning weeks is extremely limited. If you need access to the school building to retrieve or pick up any materials or supplies, please schedule an appointment with Mrs. Bratt or Mr. Clauer.

The egalitarian and mechitza Tefillah/morning prayers will take place virtually during distance learning weeks. Find links to morning minyan in your Google Classroom site (listed under Zohar Flacks, Morah Tami and Rabbi Sosover).

During distance learning weeks, mentors will hold mentoring lessons/sessions, and will schedule short check-in meetings, which may occur individually or as a small group on T, W and Th.  The purpose of these check-in meetings is to:

  • ensure students are managing the expectations of our new hybrid learning model, 
  • help navigate any issues that might arise due to technological difficulties or expectations set by teachers
  • encourage the general well-being of each student in this time of uncertainty and added stress. 

Student Services department members Laura Severin and Sara Whelan will also be helping with these student check-ins. Students will be directly informed - via email - as to when and how these check-ins will take place. 

Students should have received all of their distance learning materials during orientation. Students are also expected to bring their materials home for distance learning weeks. However, if you do not have the right materials on hand, please ask a classmate to take pictures of the pages and email them to you.

  • Email your teacher with information about what didn’t work right and wait for further instructions from your teacher.
  • Move on to other assignments that you can complete.

Have your parents call Richard Borlaza, 913.327.8157 or Mr. Clauer, 913.327.8178.

Email your teacher with your question.

If you are having difficulty accessing Google Classrooms, click on the Device Quick Start Guide for an easy-to-follow written tutorial, or select your grade-level distance learning class site, above.

If technology or device issues arise during the school day, students/parents will be able to submit a support ticket/email here.