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Learn & Play w/HBHA '22-'23: Activities for 3-5 yr olds

Join HBHA for fun activities for preschoolers, ages 3-5, throughout the school year!

Your preschooler will be engaged and delighted by our series of subject area hands-on activities while getting to know HBHA! Each session is led by a member of HBHA's talented faculty and is a great way to keep little hands and minds active and learning.

Events are at HBHA, are free of charge, and include supplies to make it that much more fun for the kids, so please RSVP to make sure we have enough supplies on hand!

Learn & Play w/HBHA 2022-23

  • Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022 4:15-5:15pm
  • Thursday, Oct 20, 2022 4:15-5:15pm
  • Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022 4:15-5:15pm
  • Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022 4:15-5:15pm
  • Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023 4:15-5:15pm CANCELLED
  • Thursday, Mar. 16, 2023 4:15-5:15pm
  • Thursday, April 20, 2023 4:15-5:15pm