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Tuition & Assistance

A Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy education is the most important investment you can make in your child’s future.

Selecting a school for your child is an important decision for your family, as well as a significant investment. The value of an HBHA education extends well beyond the strong academics of our fully-accredited private school education. Our warm and welcoming school culture and Jewish values-centered community truly foster the whole child development of each student, from grades K-12. Our experienced faculty will guide your student and help them develop a strong sense of personal identity, the confidence to try new things, a commitment to social justice, and values that apply to every area of their lives.

Give your child the gift of an exceptional learning experience to set the foundation for a lifetime of success.


Tuition is determined in December by the HBHA Board of Trustees for the following school year. 

Tuition for 2022-23

    K: $12,190
    1: $12,190
    2: $12,720
    3: $12,720
    4: $12,720 
    5: $13,250
    6: $13,250
    7: $13,250
    8: $13,780
    9: $13,780
    10: $13,780
    11: $14,310
    12: $14,310

Payment Plans:
12 months (August – July)
10 months (August – May)
2 payments (Aug. 1, 2022 & November 15, 2022)
Full payment (Due 7 days prior to 1st day of school)

Payment Information:
Minimum payment per child is $2,500
Finance charges of 1% per month, based on the total amount billed may be added for late payments.

Returning families may login to your existing FACTS account. Be sure to select 2022-23 school year.
New families may click on the button to register for your FACTS account. Need help registering? Click here for directions.

Additional Fees

Book Fees for 2021-22:                  
  Kindergarten: $175                  
  Grades 1-5: $200
  Grades 6-8: $325
  Grades 9-12: $440

Other Fees for 2021-22:
  PTO (per family): $25
  Yearbook (per family): $50
  Activity Fee (per student): $125
  Security Fee (per student): $50
  Technology fee (per student): $125
  Device/Chromebook insurance fees
       1st-5th Graders: $30
       6th Graders (if applicable): $60
       7th-8th Graders: $60

  Headphones for 1st-5th grade: $10
  Planners (3rd, 4th, 5th grade): $5 
  Matmidim After School: $100/year/student
  Protractors: $1
  Replacement Kippot: $2/kippah
  Machane Ivrit (Hebrew Camp) 4th/5th grades: $100-$125
  8th Grade Fall Camping Trip: $200-$250
  6th Grade Spring Trip: $200-$250
  Jewish Heritage Trip, 11th/12th grades: $6,000-$6,500
  Civil Rights Trip, 9th/10th grades: $1,200-$1,400
  Lulav/Etrog Set: $35-$45
  Testing Fees: PSAT = $16/student; Pre-ACT = $12/student, AP exams = $93/student
  Tucker Field Trip: $30/student
  Graduation Fees: $75/student
  Google management license (optional for purchased Chromebooks only) = $35

Fall Sports (August–October)
  Boys Middle School Soccer: $100
  Boys Upper School Soccer: $150
  Boys & Girls MS/US Cross Country: $125
  Girls Upper School Volleyball: $150
Winter Sports (November–February)
  Boys & Girls 5/6 Basketball: $125
  Boys & Girls 7/8 Basketball: $150
  Boys & Girls Upper School Basketball: $250
Spring Sports (March–May)
  Girls Middle School Soccer: $100
  Girls High School Soccer: $150

Annual Commitment Fee (Formerly Tuition Deposit)
Annual commitment fee without Financial Assistance: $500 for first student / $100 for each additional student
Annual commitment fee with Financial Assistance: $225 for first student / $100 for each additional student
Annual commitment fees are non-refundable and secures your students' spot(s). If a student does not return to HBHA, it will result in a forfeiture of the annual commitment fee.
Please click here for a complete overview of our Withdrawal Policy

Financial Assistance
Our Financial Assistance information has moved! Click here for more information.

An Outside Funding Source for HBHA Families
Morris Fingersh Scholarship Fund

Additional financial assistance is available to HBHA students through the Morris Fingersh Scholarship Fund. Requests for applications must be sent in writing to Kehilath Israel Synagogue, Attn: Mary Lea Greenwood, 10501 Conser, Overland Park, KS 66212. These requests will be accepted from March 15 to April 15.