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Michal Cohen, 5th grade Hebrew and Jewish studies teacher


I was born and raised in Ramat Gan, which is now the name of my HBHA family. After my marriage we moved to Or Yehuda where I raised my three boys. We relocated to Kansas when my husband started working at Amdocs for Sprint. In January, 2012, I began teaching LS Hebrew at HBHA.  This is a very exciting experience for me and my family, and I am thrilled to be surrounded by the warm Jewish community. I love everything about being Israeli – I love the songs, folk dancing, the food and even the rapid pace of everything, and now I enjoy the calmness and beautiful hospitality of Overland Park.  

Education: Bar Ilan University, Israel, BA, English linguistics

Favorite Quote: Yehalelcha zar ve’lo picha, which means let others praise your achievements and do not brag about them yourself. This sentence teaches us about modesty.
Michal Cohen
Michal Cohen
Jewish Studies
Employed Since: 1/2/2012
9 Years Experience At School
  • College Bar Ilan University (1995)