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Marsha Cowan, 2nd Grade General Studies Teacher


I’m a third-generation teacher and feel humbled and honored to spend my days as an educator. After teaching in several public and private schools, I have found no school that begins to match the commitment to academic excellence and concern for individual needs that I’ve found here at HBHA. I have found a treasured family and home in this special place. To teach with the compassion, creativity, and integrity of those who came before me is a challenge of the highest calling. 

Favorite Quote – “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” (Nelson Mandela)
Marsha Cowan
Marsha Cowan
Second Grade General Studies
Employed Since: 9/1/2011
10 Years Experience At School
  • College Morningside College
  • Post-graduate Morningside College