Student Services Coordinator (Full-Time)                              2019-2020
  • Provide staff development opportunities to faculty regarding accommodations and modifications to curriculum and learning strategies to aid special needs students
  • In conjunction with the School Psychologist, write Learning Profiles for students with diagnosis, accommodations and modifications
  • Coordinate all Section 504 plans, and supervise creation of Individualized Action Plans (IAP).
  • Coordinate and proctor extended time testing for standardized tests (MAP, PSAT, PLAN, ACT tests),
  • Supervise responsibilities of a paraprofessional hired by parent
  • Keep parents informed of services provided and program changes through weekly updates when indicated
  • Provide parents with information regarding outside agency programs and services.
  • Field parent questions regarding student need
  • Review files, observe potential incoming students and meet with the admissions team regarding admission of students.
  • Act as a liaison with the home school district, Blue Valley School District) when their services are required. Complete paperwork, coordinate meetings between district, Academy staff and parents.
  • Act as the Academy representative for the SASONE Project.
  • Attend conferences
  • Attend weekly student services meetings with principal and counselor
  • Assist development with special needs grant and funding requests
These responsibilities are in addition to individualized support for students with identified special needs and/or IAP/504 Plans.

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