Lunch at HBHA

Rams Cafe'
The Rams Cafe' is located in the Jewish Community Center, is managed by HBHA PTO and staffed by parent volunteers.  The Cafe' follows the HBHA school schedule and is open from 8:00 am - 1:15 pm, Monday through Friday, when school is in session.  Middle and Upper School students are allowed to purchase items from the Rams' Cafe during lunch.  Boxed lunches for lower school students are also available.  You may contact the Rams Cafe' at 913-327-8207.
HBHA Policy for Bringing Lunch and Snacks
It is HBHA’s desire to have a lunch/snack policy that is sensitive to the different needs of our community on the one hand, but that is simple to observe for everyone as well. As is the case with lunch/snack policies of Jewish community camps and community day schools throughout the country, we have ascertained normative practice for environments who serve the whole spectrum of the Jewish community. This standard has been uniformly adopted by virtually all Jewish day schools throughout the country. 
What is permitted to bring for lunch and snacks? 
  • All dairy foods such as yogurt and cheese
  • Foods that are pareve, neither dairy nor meat: pasta, peanut butter, eggs, soy products and hummus
  • Fish that have fins and scales like tuna, salmon, white fish
  • Side items such as fruits, veggies, cakes, chips and other snack items

What is not permitted?
Any meat, luncheon meats, (beef, pork, chicken or other poultry) are not allowed for lunch.

Food for classroom celebrations:
Because we are an inclusive community, we require that packaged foods for classroom celebrations have kosher certification with symbols that are approved by the local rabbinate, known as “The Vaad”.  

If you wish to provide cupcakes or other baked goods for in-class celebrations, there is a kosher bakery at the Hen House Supermarket at 119th and Roe.  There, you will be able to buy donuts, cakes, and cupcakes.

Food for out of school events:
In order to be sensitive to the needs of all members of the HBHA community, we ask that you please keep these kosher criteria in mind for out of school events (birthday parties, etc.) to which you are inviting the entire class.

If you have any questions regarding what is permissible to bring, please do not hesitate to ask.  As it says in the Values of Our Fathers, “Learning is not for the bashful.”

Guidelines for visiting your student during lunch:
  • Please feel free to come have lunch with your child.  We love having you here and students love sharing a private lunch with you.
  • Sign in at the office and meet your child at their classroom door at the designated lunch time.
  • Walk to lunch with the class.
  • If you would like to have a friend join your child for lunch, please prearrange with the teacher and we ask that you limit this to two friends.
  • Please only bring in food that meets the dairy/pareve policy.
  • Please sit in the cafeteria either with your child's class or at the tables to the west of the cafeteria by the windows.
  • Please have your child finish all food and drinks in time to walk back to the room with their class.