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Dear HBHA Families and Friends,

Last school year, we instituted our first Annual Campaign and it was a success thanks to you! Annual Campaigns are the ‘bread and butter’ of independent school fundraising, especially in light of the fact that tuition alone never covers the entire cost of a private school education.

HBHA remains committed to giving every child a high-quality Jewish and general education, regardless of family income. Our tuition is intentionally low to lessen the barrier to entry, and more than half our students qualify for financial assistance.

We receive generous support from our community partners: Jewish Federation, Menorah Heritage Foundation and Jewish Community Foundation. But the majority of our fundraising comes from YOU, our individual families and friends, and we are so grateful for your generosity. Without your support, we couldn’t keep our doors open and continue to educate generations of Jewish Kansas Citians.

You may be used to giving to Academy Access (AAP) or Ma’ayan or Matmidim or specifically to support scholarship. Now, all of these fundraising initiatives belong to the Annual Campaign, and will be acknowledged as such. We will make sure your gifts are used where they are most needed—operations, programming and financial aid.

This year is an especially important and challenging year. Responding to the COVID pandemic has pushed us to buy more supplies; from hand sanitizer, to air purifiers, to Chromebooks and webcams. HBHA has invested heavily to ensure we are providing a top-tier education in a healthy and safe environment. But none of this came easy or free.

We need your support! Please add your name to our Annual Campaign 2020-21 list by clicking the Donate button above or below this letter. YOU can make a difference to the education and development of our HBHA students, our families and our community.

Contact me at, 913.327.8176, or Kerry Cosner, Director of Development,, 913.327.8156 to discuss your Annual Campaign gift.

With warm regards,

Adam Tilove
HBHA Head of School


HBHA's Annual Campaign FAQs

We shifted to an Annual Campaign to consolidate ‘asks’ and simplify things for our dedicated supporters. By creating one major fundraising vehicle, we now focus our efforts, and yours, into raising unrestricted support for operations, programs and financial aid. Learn more about our Annual Campaign.

In 2008, HBHA made a bold move to reduce tuition by 50% to bring in more students and enable families struggling with the recession to continue their students’ private school education. As part of this change, the volunteers who created AAP reached out to families to contribute all or part of the remaining 50% of tuition as a charitable donation. In the years following, some families gave the full AAP contributions, and many families gave partial donations. We remain grateful for this support. However, the reality is that over the years the cost of education increased while AAP donations decreased. For this reason, we transitioned AAP gifts into the Annual Campaign.

With HBHA tuition ranging from $11,000-$13,500 per student, a gift that doubles tuition would provide the full cost of a child’s private education. Please give to the Annual Campaign to the best of your ability, as we all understand that the school cannot hope to operate without meaningful donations.

Previously, our Matmidim Jewish Studies Track was asked to raise money to support its own program. But because we believe that Matmidim is 100% part of HBHA, its funding now comes out of the HBHA operations budget. As Matimidim adds to the cost of our operating budget, we ask all Matmidim families to generously support the Annual Campaign to the same extent they supported Matmidim in previous years.

Ma’ayan was our giving circle of those gifting $5,000 or more to HBHA. Now, at $6,000, Ma’ayan is one of the many giving levels of the Annual Campaign. We encourage all previous Ma’ayan donors to continue supporting HBHA at the Annual Campaign level.

HBHA hopes to continue hosting its only major fundraising event each spring to honor members of our community and celebrate the many accomplishments of our students. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to re-envision our 2021 event.

Your financial support is incredibly important to the future of HBHA and its students, regardless of how you choose to give!