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2022-2023 Board of Trustees

2023-2024 Executive Committee

David is HBHA through and through. His parents were one of the six couples to found the school, he and all four siblings are graduates, his wife Rachel (Pase) is a ’94 alum, and his oldest child graduated in 2023, with three more to go. Whether serving as board president, working on professional photography, volunteering in the Ram’s Café, or countless other Jewish and non-Jewish local boards, David is a leader in our community.

Michael is the Director of Growth Marketing at Barkley and the parent of two HBHA upper schoolers. His professional background includes the non-profit sector, and his dedication to HBHA is evidenced by his attendance at Ram games. Michael is Chair of the Community Advancement Committee.

Mike is the parent of a 2023 graduate, a Portfolio Manager at American Century, and HBHA’s Finance Committee Chair. Originally from Pennsylvania, he is a true Philly sports fan who enjoys traveling with his wife and children.  

Lori is a neurologist focused on sleep medicine and leads a dedicated sleep clinic. She is the mom of three HBHA students and chair of the alumni subcommittee.

Jeff, the parent of three HBHA graduates, is a sales executive at AssuredPartners. He is a member of the Leawood Chamber of Commerce, the immediate past president of the Vaad HaKashruth of Kansas City, and active on the board’s finance committee. Jeff is Chair of the Trustees Committee.

2023-2024 Board Members

Todd lives in Boca Raton with his family and manages Southern NCSY. As a former Kansas Citian and HBHA student, he has remained connected to our community.

Jerry is a retired attorney who focused on business bankruptcy. He continues to support the entire Kansas City Jewish community by serving on both the HBHA and Jewish Federation of GKC boards. His grandson is an HBHA 5th grader, and he serves on the grants subcommittee.

Daniel settled in Chicago after earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland. Now working in creative advertising, he attributes his success and ability to take risks to his time at HBHA, which instilled a deep appreciation for education, community, and exploring passions.

Isaac is the President of a private equity firm focused on multi-family housing and investment real estate. He remains close to his HBHA graduating class and is excited to have his oldest daughter in kindergarten at HBHA.

Chris is a Director at SS&C Technologies and a parent of three HBHA students. Originally from the UK, Chris also lived in Asia before landing in the heartland.  He volunteers as an assistant basketball coach and Annual Campaign subcommittee chair.

Danny works for Intrepid Direct Insurance and is the parent of three children. In addition to board meetings, you can find Danny at Encore dance recitals and road-tripping with the family.

Jodi just completed her second year as PTO President, and she careers as the Family Life Educator at JFS. The parent of four HBHA students, she hails from Ohio but is quickly becoming one of our Jewish community’s biggest proponents. Jodi is a member of the Community Advancement Committee.

Brenda is a nurse practitioner, the parent of three HBHA graduates, and grandma to two current students. When she isn’t volunteering at BIAV, you will find her in the Ram’s café or serving on the grants subcommittee.

David is an economics professor at the University of Kansas and the Executive Director of the American Society of Health Economists. As the parent of a fifth grader, he is known for bringing pizazz to board photos and meetings with his signature bowtie. David is a member of the Finance Committee. 

David is the Director of Business Development at WANRack and has the unique position of sharing board duties with his mother-in-law Brenda. Married to an HBHA alum, he has two students at the school and is president of the Vaad Hakashrut of Kansas City. David is a member of the Finance Committee.

Jason is an Oculofacial Plastic & Orbital Surgeon who also chairs the Ophthalmology Department at KU Medical Center. He has two students at HBHA and travels to the Northeast for family visits whenever he can. Jason is a member of the CSA Committee.

Brad is an entrepreneur with expertise in recycling and equipment manufacturing. He has a strong commitment to the HBHA community as the proud parent of two students and one graduate.

Jean retired as the first director of MCHE, which she helped build into the successful organization it is today, and now contributes a great deal of time to the success of HBHA’s annual Civic Service Award Celebration. When not raising funds, she splits her time between grandchildren, both in and out of town. Both of her children are HBHA graduates.  


2022-2023 Executive Committee

David Sosland – President  
Michael Levine – Vice President  
Michael Liss – Treasurer  
Lori Noorollah – Secretary 
Jeff Goldenberg – Immediate Past President


2022-2023 Board Members

Carole Bergh 
Jerry Enslein 
Chris Hobbs 
Danny Lipsky 
Jodi Perelmuter 
Brenda Rosenthal 
David Slusky 
David Soffer 
Jason Sokol 
Daniel Wajcman 
Jean Zeldin