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HBHA Alumni

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Recent alumni gathered to celebrate Chanukah together: Ethan Herman, River Hennick, Addie Brand, Gavi Glickman, Isaac Decker, Ayelet Schuster, Sara Saidel, Mirra Goldenberg

You may no longer be at the school, but you are forever part of our HBHA family! We love when you visit, share your achievements and your life-cycle events. If you no longer live at your parents’ home, or have changed other contact information, please update us on the form below.

Having you as an alum, makes HBHA proud! Thank you for your support and for staying in touch!

Click on the button below, or scroll down to complete and submit our brief alumni contact update form.

You can also stay in touch via Facebook!


Sarah Herman Schuster ('13) and Eliana Schuster ('18) attending basketball senior night!