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College Guidance

HBHA’s college counseling program is uniquely developed to aid students in the transition from high school to post-secondary life through an in-depth and meaningful self-exploration process. The college guidance program begins when students enter 9th grade and continues until students make their final post-secondary choices during the spring of their senior year. Students in grades 9 and 10 focus most of their energy on academic and extra-curricular growth, while students in grades 11 and 12 immerse themselves in the selection process. This process has four distinct phases: exploration, selection, application and the transition to college.

What To Expect
The college guidance office gives three presentations to parents: 

  • A winter presentation for 10th grade parents, focused on standardized testing and long-range academic and extra-curricular planning.
  • A mid-year college selection process kick-off meeting for 11th graders and their parents, and
  • An application process meeting early in the year for 12th graders and their parents.

Throughout the process, all students are notified about local college fairs, visits from college and Israel gap-year representatives, standardized test dates and financial aid workshops.

Individualized College Guidance
Students have multiple opportunities for individualized assistance throughout the college guidance process: 

  • Students and their families begin meeting individually with the college counselor during the second semester of junior year.
  • Students have the chance to interact one-on-one with a number of college representatives who visit HBHA each year, to learn more about that institution's college exploration process.
  • Seniors consult with both the counselor and faculty regarding college applications, essays and recommendations.

HBHA administers the PSAT (10th and 11th grades) and the PreACT (10th grade) during the school day and is also a test center for Sunday SAT and ACT tests.

Students are encouraged to continue their observance of Judaism, their involvement in the Jewish community, and their Jewish studies in college. Information regarding year-long or semester-long programs in Israel is presented to students. A university Hillel director also visits with students each year.