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Opt-Out/Withdrawal Policy

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) understand and assume personal and financial responsibility expressed or implied in their continuous enrollment contract. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) understand they are contractually obligated to pay all fees (via FACTs) associated with canceling their student(s) enrollment, in accordance to the following protocol:

  • After the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary date (last Friday in February), the annual commitment fee is forfeited. Annual commitment fee is refundable only if financial assistance is not sufficient or if unique circumstances (described below) are applicable.  If the financial assistance is not sufficient for your student(s) to attend HBHA, an Opt Out/Withdrawal Form must be submitted by the communicated date in your financial assistance letter.
    • Withdrawal Protocol: If student(s) enrollment is canceled by the family, the family is responsible for:
      • 25% of tuition, on or after April 15th through June 30th,
      • 50% of tuition, on or after July 1st through the day prior to 1st day of school
      • 100% of tuition, on or after the 1st day of school
  • Unique Circumstances: HBHA recognizes that family plans change. Student(s) withdrawn after the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary date, will be exempt from the withdrawal schedule if:
    • The family moves/relocates 50+ miles away from HBHA.
    • HBHA Administration or HBHA Student Services initiates withdrawal of student(s).
    • Other unique circumstances as approved by HBHA Administration Team.
  • Student Dismissal: If HBHA Administration initiates student withdrawal due to disciplinary dismissal, no tuition and fees refund will be issued, for the current school year.
  • Returning students (after withdrawing from HBHA):  
    • If the student(s) has not been enrolled at HBHA for a full school year, the student is subject to HBHA admissions process as a new applicant.
    • If the student(s) has been enrolled at HBHA within the last school year, and an opt-out form was received by the most recent Continuous Enrollment Anniversary date, the family is responsible for:
      • A non-refundable administrative fee equal to the annual commitment fee (this fee does not apply to tuition).
      • Complete a new continuous enrollment contract for the student(s) enrolling at HBHA.