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Following winter break each year, students in grades 6-12 participate in a week long session called Winterims. It is one of the most popular components of the Middle and Upper School experience.

Winterims allows for many out-of-the-box learning experiences for students upon returning to school for second semester. For one week, students select 5 to 6 courses – which focus on a variety of topics and areas of interest – led by HBHA faculty, guest teachers and other students. Courses that have been offered over the years include Israeli cooking, sewing, The Twilight Zone, MathCounts, Meditation, How to Win at Monopoly, Zumba, Ping Pong Tournament, Youtube Israel and Triathlon. Winterims offers the opportunity for students to experience subject matter that may fall outside the regular class curricula.

At the end of the week, HBHA presents the Winterims Showcase, where students may present dance demonstrations, poetry readings, artwork, sewing and building projects, and a readers’ theater - all of which have been created during this unique week of experiential learning.