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Mentoring - Upper School

The Upper School Mentoring Program, also referred to as “Mentoring,” strengthens the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social development of each student through meaningful non-academic programming and a positive relationship with a faculty member. In our unique Upper School Mentoring program, our students are taught to be academically responsible and self-reliant, and they are nurtured through a partnership between school and home.

The Upper School Principal works closely with the School Psychologist, Director of Jewish Life, Head of Jewish Studies and the Upper School Mentors (HBHA Faculty Members) to facilitate the Mentoring Program.

Mentoring meets three times a week to provide a designated space where activities, discussions and presentations are offered to support HBHA students in:

  • Striving for excellence in personal and academic development
  • Developing leadership attitudes, behaviors and skills
  • Improving relational skills to create a stronger school and Jewish community
  • Celebrating and learning about Jewish holidays and Israel
  • Acting for social justice in the local community
  • Preparing for the Civil Rights Tour of the South and the Jewish Heritage Trip
  • Increasing awareness and developing reflective skills to utilize when making decisions and solving problems in real life situations

Mentoring topics focus on whole child development, integrate Jewish values and supplement HBHA's curriculum.  Examples include communication and conflict resolution skills, real world ethical dilemmas, drug and alcohol education, healthy relationships and sexuality, identity development, mental health education, safety awareness education and training, team building and leadership training.