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Harriet (Puritz) Almaleh ’76 and her son Ryan Almaleh ‘04 visit HBHA!

Life After HBHA

100% of HBHA graduates attend college and/or pursue other higher learning. Our students are prepared for – and excel in – private and public colleges and universities they choose to pursue. Learn more about the goals and expectations we have for our HBHA graduates in Profile of a Graduate.         

Our customized educational plan for each student creates an environment in which all students are encouraged to succeed on their own terms. Each year, approximately 25% of HBHA’s graduating seniors choose to take a gap year before beginning college or university.         

HBHA is proud to share that our graduates go on to become active leaders in their selected fields and in their communities, taking on leadership roles in college and beyond.        

See where HBHA graduates go