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Student Trips

Lower, Middle, and Upper School students are taken on a variety of student trips. While some of the trips are connected to student-held contests like Upper School Basketball tournaments, others are tied to the curriculum in a particular course or grade. All school trips encourage team building, relationship development, problem-solving, and real-world experiences that provide memories for years to come.

4th and 5th grade students test their Hebrew language knowledge during Machaneh Ivrit (Hebrew Camp), a three-day Hebrew immersion and team-building experience.

6th grade students travel to western Kansas on a camping trip to experience everything from fossilized archaeology to space exploration. This four-day trip is one of the highlights of our 6th graders' spring semester.

8th grade students participate in a leadership canoeing, hiking, and camping adventure in the Ozark National Scenic Riverway during the fall semester. This trip allows for challenge, team-building, and problem-solving in one of the most beautiful spots in Missouri.

9th and 10th grade students participate in the bi-annual Civil Rights Tour of the South, an eight-day exploration of the origins of the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. In partnership with University Academy, an urban charter school in Kansas City, MO, students have the chance to see how Jews and African-Americans worked together as activists to create change during an important time in US History. Within the context of the trip, students look at modern-day injustices and use this experience as a springboard to action in the modern world.

11th and 12th grade students travel to Germany, Poland, and Israel as a part of HBHA’s bi-annual Jewish Heritage Trip. This 17-day trip gives students the profound experience of learning about the history of Eastern-European Jewry that spans hundreds of years, and then experience Israel in the 21st Century. This powerful trip is the culmination of HBHA's educational program and has been a part of the curriculum for more than 25 years. Students reflect upon this transformational experience as one of their proudest at HBHA.

All out-of-town trips are funded by our students’ families. Students and families are encouraged and supported in fundraising activities to defray the cost of school trips.