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Student Services

A Supportive Learning Environment
HBHA's Student Services team strives to provide learning assistance to all students K-12. The Student Services team works to implement emotional, behavioral, and academic support and accommodations for varying learning styles and differences within the classroom as well as additional pull-out assistance as needed. 

The Student Services team is composed of a School Psychologist, Learning Specialist, Gifted Facilitator, Director of Student Services, School Principal and appropriate grade level teaching team. For more information, contact Laura Severin, (913) 327-4645.

Learning Support
Student Services works to provide an appropriate response when academic and behavioral needs are demonstrated by the student in the form of:

  • Frequent data-based monitoring for instructional decision-making to empower each student to achieve high standards. Collective data may result in a referral to student’s public school for problem solving or possible evaluation and services.
  • Collaborative work with parents to design and implement Individualized Action Plans, Behavioral Plans, School/Home Plans, 504 Plans, and Alternative Diploma Plans.  
  • Pull-out and push-in services from members of the Student Services team
  • Problem solving support for grade level teaching teams to help teachers adapt and modify assignments and assessments to meet student’s needs

LAUNCH Program
The LAUNCH program - Learning and Understanding Nature through Creativity and Hard Work – supports the academic needs of high achieving and gifted learners. HBHA dedicates a full-time position to the LAUNCH program to help ensure that all high achieving and gifted learners receive the rigor and challenge necessary for continued growth.

  • LAUNCH facilitator supports high achieving and gifted students though LAUNCH instructional periods. 
  • LAUNCH Facilitator collaborates with the classroom teachers to address advanced learning needs of high achieving students.
  • LAUNCH facilitator works collaboratively with teachers to differentiate curriculum in the classroom.
  • LAUNCH facilitator monitors students throughout the year to ensure appropriate student growth.