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Tuition & Fees

A Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy education is the most important investment you can make in your child’s future.

Selecting a school for your child is an important decision for your family, as well as a significant investment. The value of an HBHA education extends well beyond the strong academics of our fully-accredited private school education. HBHA’s warm and welcoming school culture and Jewish values-centered community truly foster the whole child development of each student, from grades K-12. Our experienced faculty will guide your students and help them develop a strong sense of personal identity, the confidence to try new things, a commitment to social justice, and values that apply to every area of their lives.

Give your child the gift of an exceptional learning experience to set the foundation for a lifetime of success.

Tuition is determined in December by the HBHA Board of Trustees for the following school year. 

Tuition for 2024-25

K: $13,375
1: $13,375
2: $13,957
3: $13,957
4: $13,957
5: $14,539
6: $14,539
7: $14,539
8: $15,120
9: $15,120
10: $15,120
11: $15,702
12: $15,702

Additional Fees

Book Fees for 2024-25:                  
  Kindergarten: $175                  
  Grades 1-5: $200
  Grades 6-8: $325
  Grades 9-12: $440

Other Fees for 2024-25:
  PTO (per family): $118 (Plus $18 per additional child)
  Yearbook (per family): $55
  Activity Fee (per student): $135
  Security Fee (per student): $60
  Technology fee (per student): $135

Device/Chromebook insurance fees:
  1st-5th Graders: $50
  6th-8th Graders: $60

Fall Sports (August–October)
  Boys Middle School Soccer: $100
  Boys Upper School Soccer: $150
  Boys & Girls MS/US Cross Country: $125
  Girls Upper School Volleyball: $150
Winter Sports (November–February)
  Boys & Girls 5/6 Basketball: $125
  Boys & Girls 7/8 Basketball: $150
  Boys & Girls Upper School Basketball: $250
Spring Sports (March–May)
  Girls Middle School Soccer: $100
  Girls High School Soccer: $150

Grade Specific Fees

All Grades (optional purchases)

  • Lulav/Etrog Set: $35-$45

Lower School

  • Headphones for 1st-5th grade: $10
  • Planners (3rd, 4th, 5th grade): $5 
  • Oren After School: $100/year/student
  • Protractors: $1
  • Replacement Kippot: $2/kippah

Middle School

  • 6th Grade Spring Trip: $200-$250
  • 8th Grade Fall Camping Trip: $200-$250
  • Google management license (optional for purchased Chromebooks only) = $35

Upper School

  • Civil Rights Trip, 9th/10th grades: $1,200-$1,400
  • Jewish Heritage Trip, 11th/12th grades: $6,000-$6,500
  • Testing Fees: PSAT = $16/student; Pre-ACT = $12/student, AP exams = $93/student
  • Tucker Field Trip: $30/student
  • Graduation Fees: $75/student
  • Google management license (optional for purchased Chromebooks only) = $35


Annual Commitment Fee (Formerly Tuition Deposit)
Annual commitment fee without Financial Assistance: $500 for first student / $100 for each additional student
Annual commitment fee with Financial Assistance: $225 for first student / $100 for each additional student
Annual commitment fees are non-refundable and secure your students' spot(s). If a student does not return to HBHA, it will result in a forfeiture of the annual commitment fee.
Please click here for a complete overview of our Withdrawal Policy

Financial Assistance
Our Financial Assistance information has moved! Click here for more information.