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Profile of a Graduate

What does a Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy Graduate look like?

HBHA looks at the whole child for the entirety of their education to ensure students find success in a way that is meaningful to each individual. Whether that means giving back to the community through hands-on community service or leadership roles, attending a college that best meets their needs, or defining a career path that inspires them.

Great time, energy and resources are dedicated to working in partnership with families, students and the larger Jewish and general community to develop graduates with the following traits:

  • The development of a positive (Jewish) self-identity
  • Conscientious choices to ensure social, emotional and physical health
  • A desire and ability to seek a life of rich Jewish living
  • The capacity to incorporate a conception of G-d and mitzvot into daily life
  • An appreciation of and proficiency with the Hebrew language that binds Jewish history, ritual and modern Israel
  • The cultivation of a personal relationship with and commitment to the State of Israel
  • Characteristics of a mensch in everyday living
  • Curiosity, passion and intellect in seeking to understand the world
  • An affinity and connection, locally and globally, to both Jews and Judaism
  • Knowledge of and respect for different expressions of Judaism
  • Actions that embody respect for the dignity of all people and all faiths