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Debi Davis
Debi Davis
5th Grade Teacher

Education:  B.S. Elementary Education, University of Iowa

More about Debi:
The parent of two HBHA alumni, Debi has worked at HBHA for 15 years, first as a Teacher's Aide, then as an Assistant Teacher. She has been a 5th grade teacher since 2020, and has worked with 5th graders for several of her years here. Debi most enjoys guiding her students in preparation for the Middle School years, and is a big believer in hands-on learning. You will often find teams of 5th graders working around the school on various projects, including video recaps of their semester learning, and cross-curricular poetry and visual arts learning to name two examples. Debi works to give her students a strong foundation in mathematics, and encourages students to self advocate and to problem solve - skills they will use for the rest of their lives.