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Welcome to HBHA

Welcome to HBHA

At HBHA, a K-12 school, students are encouraged to succeed on their own terms. Our whole-child approach helps students discover who they are, and gives them the freedom to determine how they can have the most beneficial impact on our society through a strong academic foundation, individualized attention, and a community rooted in Jewish values.

Dual-Track Jewish Studies

Our strong academic foundation in General Studies is reinforced by our unique dual-track Jewish Studies model. This model enables all students to engage in Jewish learning that respects how Judaism is practiced in a variety of homes, and creates an inclusive environment in which all students are exposed to, and respectful of, various streams of Jewish practice.

HBHA is one of only a few Jewish community day schools in the world to offer a parallel-track Jewish Studies program within one school. Launched in 2008, this program is now a proven success, and has received notice and accolades from Jewish day schools nationally and internationally. 

Benefits of Learning Two Languages

Research on dual-language immersion shows students who learn two languages exhibit elevated levels of academic and cognitive functioning, and enjoy enhanced reading acquisition skills, improved performance with pattern recognition and problem solving, and enhanced knowledge and understanding of their own native language.

Lower School

HBHA offers a unique Lower School environment in which students are challenged academically within a warm, nurturing environment. Featuring low teacher-to-student ratios, each student is treated as a valued member of our close-knit community. Our students are empowered to thrive academically and are provided a values-based structure within which they can learn to make good choices.

Middle School

HBHA's Middle School education strives to teach students to become academically responsible and self-reliant. Our Middle School (grades 6-8) provides a curriculum and mentoring program specifically designed to meet the developmental, academic, and social needs of students in this age cohort. Students are empowered to thrive academically and achieve their potential as they prepare for the rigors of Upper School and beyond.

Upper School

The most critical component of our K-12 curriculum, HBHA's Upper School strives to help students discover who they are as young adults and gives them the freedom, guidance and confidence to develop their own pathways to achieving their dreams. Each Upper School student follows their own individualized educational track, including college guidance. Students are taught "beyond the test" through hands-on academics, social justice, leadership and extracurricular opportunities. 

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